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The folly of this new bankruptcy law, It's like shooting the economy in the foot).

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. October 22, 2005
I. The folly of this new bankruptcy law.(It's like shooting the economy in the foot).
Folks, let me say up front that I am a self-made writer. I am not an economist and haven't read or studied hardly anything about the subject. I'm what you call a "One trick pony, one note Charlie, or some other metaphor. I read one little quote in a pamphlet about forty years ago that said "All economies begin with bartering."

Well, for some reason that little quotes stuck in my mind over the years and to this day all of my thinking is centered on that one little quote. I consider my views to be constructive criticism; it is up to others to set policy. In my view, any economy that doesn't backup it's currency with something of physical value is using phony money. Wait, don't lock me in the basement just yet, I am a realist; I know that is a very extreme view today but it was the rule in past history.

Another view I have is if you are going to go ahead and run a non physical backed up currency, mass currency circulation is a must or the whole system will collapse. Whereas, that is not the case when money is tied to something of physical value. A true free market place economy functions more on need and always have bartering to fall back on in an emergency. I for one think this new bankruptcy law is counter productive.

Since our whole economy is based on mass money circulating to stay afloat, it doesn't make sense to start choking off circulation in any way. Years ago you didn't have compound interest. Now, with the overpowering suction of compound interest this new bankruptcy law may make it unavoidable to become a debt slave for the rest of your life. Once compound interest gets its hooks in you to a certain depth, you are not going to ever pay your way out, period.

The compound interest death grip is not equal or fair no matter how irresponsible one may be. In today’s economical climate the middle class is barely hanging on. Today almost everybody is heavily in debt except the very rich. Almost all of these poor and middle class people are spenders, not savers. You are not going to convince me that this new law is not going to effect retail income to some degree.

In this cock a Mamie economy it is much more important to keep products and merchandise moving than it is to make people debt slaves. Lastly, as I have said many times before, we have an economy that cannot survive without mass money circulation. Plus, there is nothing to fall back on like a strong culture, strong nuclear family foundation, or bartering capacity if thing collapse, we are truly out on a limb.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Sept. 18, 2005
I. Am I wrong to write about extreme case scenarios?

Note: The following essay is fiction and is not to be taken seriously, or as a prediction. I'm not out to scare anyone, I'm just one man imagining an extreme fictitious scenario.As a great writer with great wisdom I've been wrong many times before and I hope I'm wrong about the United States future. I believe we are entering a new era and our survival as a free nation is about to be tested.

I believe our only hope to survive as a free people are to privatize government out of any individual provider role. Sure, community kitchens and community shelters are a must, but nothing more. I know ninety percent of the American people will think I'm uncaring, insensitive, and a S.O.B., wrong. Throughout history the masses have always been wrong, civilization is where it is today because of individuals that took a stand and would not waver.

Otherwise, I believe it is right around the corner before our currency becomes practically worthless and with our decayed culture we won't be able to avoid going for each others throat. I believe there will be nothing but blame, misplaced blame, and total chaos. I believe martial law will have be ordered with very little chance of regaining enough self discipline needed to live as a free people for many, many years if ever.

Without a strong nuclear family system and the capacity to barter you can't have freedom or keep it very long, period. I'm sure the government has continuance plans and enough gold to make sure the U.S. Armed Forces and essential personnel get paid. But, as citizens you are on your own and better are prepared to fend for your self. The fact is whomever is the provider is responsible for those they provide for.

The government seized its provider role and has made masses of people dependent only on government, now it is the duty of government to take care of all of its current dependents but not take on any more. The problem is the government should never have gotten into the individual family provider business in the first place. I forgive the liberals for creating this dilemma because in their lack of wisdom they did want to make life better and still do.

Now, government has this tar baby and is stuck with it, there is no painless way out. But, it doesn't end there; this baby is going to destroy this government and this country by making our currency worthless from out of control government spending. May the grace of God save this once in ten thousand years great civilization?

September 20, 2005, Page #2
Everybody keep talking about money, money, money, when we really should be more concerned about restoring our culture, nuclear family foundation, and some bartering capacity to survive. Too much money in the system is really at the heart of the problem now. In the long run no amount of money is going to save the United States of America unless we privatize government out of the individual family provider business.

Too much money in the system has already diluted the buying power out of reach for the poor and is approaching the out of reach limit for the middle class. All more money pumped into the system is going to do is push the buying power totally out of reach for the middle class too. Most middle class families now are almost up to their eyeballs in credit card and other kinds of debt and are barely hanging on.

Like one president said, "I'm going to hire me a one arm economist because all I hear is, on one hand and then on the other." This stuff I'm talking is just common sense; a hundred years ago almost everybody knew this simple stuff. Just because one is learned doesn't mean he has common sense. The simple rule about any economy is it all starts from bartering; everything else spins off of that no matter how advanced an economy may be.

The government is already almost totally subsidizing the poor but it can't subsidize everybody. Any society that can't temporary survive without money is far, far too far away from the basics of economically survival, and is doomed unless that is corrected. There is no way to restore bartering capacity or save our culture as long as government is in a family provider role, period.

Sure, rebirth cycles in the form of severe recessions or depressions are terrible things but they do serve a purpose. The trick is, as long as there are small purges you won't have the big ones like depressions. Purges get rid of moral decay, economical inefficiency, excessive bureaucracy, and all of the things that are destroying this country. Still, the foundation and institutions will remain in place to secure survive.

Otherwise, to avoid these natural rebirth cycles at all cost you will destroy the nuclear family foundation, the culture, the free market, and lastly, any hope of surviving as a free people. This is the dilemma that our welfare state and big government super family provider role has brought this great predominately Christian nation to. Bartering is a basic system that no one wants to use but it is a must emergency fall back system for any society to survive.

Look at Russia and much of Eastern Europe, they are poor and much of their economy is back to bartering but their survival is not threatened. Bartering is what got us through the Great Depression. But, now we have practically no bartering capacity or a strong nuclear family foundation left. The only thing that is going to save this nation from total chaos and destruction is permanent martial law and military rule.

Sooner than we think that is going to be this great nations destiny because deep down I don't believe big government will ever be kicked out of its super family provider role. We have almost no bartering capacity to fall back on or strong nuclear family foundation and strong culture left to rely on. About all we have to fall back on is blame and going for each others throat. Still, big liberal media think people like me are crazy, kooky, right wing, and out of touch.

I believe we are crying, begging, and pleading for this country's survival. I say, Glory be to God, give God the praise.Only God knows if we can survive through this grave lack of wisdom.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Sept. 08, 2005
I. Can the U.S. survive blame game politics?

Concerning Hurricane Katrina, Folks, every instinct in my body warns me to shut the hell up, don’t you say a damn word, now is not the time to enlighten. But, I'm about to pop, as a writer I can't take it any longer, I must vent. Sure, we all like to place blame, but for God sake now is not the time to dwell on it in public.

I am in awe of our proud first responders, coast guard, National Guard, active and inactive military, and all others out there working hard and endangering their own lives to help others. The awesome resources and might of this great nation is phenomenon and stands alone, no other nation even comes close to what we can do. We all should be helping, feeling blessed, thankful, and praying. We are truly a rich and blessed nation, but it didn't happen by accident.

This great nation we have was not built on socialism. Yet, that is the direction we are well down the road to. We as a nation is over 286 million people. Speaking as a great writer with great wisdom, my observation is as a whole the nation's mentality is all wrong due to decades of government as a family provider. Sure, "No man is an island," we all as individuals and as a people are going to need help at some time to survive.

But, the mentality should never be "Somebody will always be there to take care of me." Also, I'm concern that the spending on this could be the tip of the iceberg. I'm concern that before this is over it could push our currency into super hyper inflation that would dilute the buying power farther out of reach for the average hard working American citizen. Then at some point make our currency practically worthless.

Very few American understand how a free market place is suppose to work and that is really, really scary. Ninety percent of Americans see government as this omnipotent super nipple that can borrow, borrow, spend, spend, and keep spending without suffering some dreadful consequence, wrong, wrong, wrong. As I have said before, you can game almost any system for eighty to a hundred years, then reality sets in.

We have used up our grace period, now pay up time is right around the bend. I preach, and I preach, that our only hope is to try to restore the nuclear family system and some bartering capacity, but all to no avail. Ain't anybody listening?There is a reason why the U.S is so rich and powerful and most of the world is poor and will always be poor. That reason is because of our freedom, our free market place, and our unhindered entrepreneurial spirit.

But, we are well on our way down that proven failure socialist road. May the grace of God save our economy, our nuclear family structural, and this great nation of 286 million plus.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. August 12, 2005
I. Can the African American community get control of the spread of AIDS?

Well, for what it is worth I decided to add my two cents to the subject, "On the down low." It is no secret that AIDS is far out of proportion in the African American communities and even on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). There must be a reason why this is so. I was the first one that pointed out that the revolving door in and out of the prison system was the leading factor.

But, that still doesn't explain why this out of proportion also exists on HBCUs. That means there must be a culture factor involved. Many believe it is how the African American community defines homosexuality. The general mainstream assumption is that anyone participating in a homosexual act is a homosexual, but that is not what many minority men believe. A great many minority men view homosexuality basically in the same light as masturbation.

They view the act in terms of dominant or submission or driver or receiver. They believe that as long as they are in the dominant role and doing the driving their manhood is not at issue or threatened. They feel they are only acting like a squirrel as long as it is kept secret. Whereas, it is only the one that is in the submissive and receiving role that makes one a homosexual. As a writer I'm not deciding anything, I'm just trying to shine as much light as possible on the true mindset.

To get at the AIDS problem, you first need to understand what people are really thinking. The fact is, it boils down to the same old saw that is permissive sexual behavior and loose morals. Men have in the past and will always try to get easy sex from whoever will give it up. So, the ultimate AIDS solution lies with the women in this country.

They need to stop giving up all of this easy unobligated sex, period. Back before we had a super big government sugar daddy provider, very few African American women would give up sex without an obligated commitment, and even then he had to be of sound character. Back then If a suitor wouldn't go to church and clean up his act, it was "Her way or the highway," and she had a strong dad or brother that would kick butt to back her up.

My solution as always gets the government the hell out of the family provider business. In my opinion, AIDS in the African American community is approaching the out of control level.

August 15, 2005
I. My comment on neurosis

I have never studied the subject of neurosis and actually know very little about it, even though I've suffered neurotic symptoms as long as I can remember from early childhood.

But, I do know the disease is caused from an unloving or unhealthy environment in some way that is or was beyond the sufferers own control, and should never be ridiculed. One of the main symptoms that neurotics have is an overpowering self awareness that they can't turn off, but it’s definitely not bliss. A reflection on the quote, "Ignorance is bliss."

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